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How to play: Speed - blog

    How to play: Speed

    15 settembre 2016

    Learn how to play the 2-player card game requiring quick reflexes. Play against computer or live opponents in match play, money play and tournament formats.


    1. Objective
    2. Rules
    3. Mouse and Keyboard Input


    The objective of every game is to get rid of all your cards on to the two discard piles.

    The first player to do so wins. In a money match, the losing player pays the winner the number of cards left in their hand and stock pile multiplied by the stakes per card chosen prior to the start of the game.


    Each player begins with a personal fifteen (15) card stock pile, and five (5) cards in their hand. Two discard piles are formed in the center of the table, with each having its own initial six (6) card stock piles.

    Play begins with a countdown from three (3) seconds, after which a card from each of the discard stock piles are flipped to form the top cards of the two discard piles. Players then proceed to shed cards from their hand as quickly as possible by playing any card that is one rank higher or lower on top of one of the two discard piles (in the case of Aces, Kings are considered one rank below and Twos are considered one rank above).

    When a player plays a card from their hand, they immediately draw from their personal stock pile to replenish their hand to five (5) cards, until their stock pile runs out. After their stock pile runs out, the player will continue to shed cards from their hand. Once all cards are gone from their hand, they are declared the winner.

    If no player is able to (or chooses to) play on either discard pile, another countdown of three (3) seconds resumes, after which a new card from each of the discard stock piles are flipped to form new top cards on the two discard piles. Play proceeds as normal. If there are no cards remaining in a discard stock pile, all the discards are reshuffled back to form a new stock pile.

    If a player attempts to play a card illegally, a small time penalty is assessed.

    Mouse and Keyboard Input

    To play a card on to any valid discard pile, the player may click the card in their hand using either the left or right mouse button. Using either button, the card will be played on to a valid discard pile (if any); however, priority will be given to the discard pile the same side as the mouse button pressed if both discard piles are valid plays. That is, left-clicking will prioritize the left discard pile and right-clicking will prioritize the right discard pile.

    Fully subscribed members have the option to use their keyboard to play cards on to the discard piles. The cards in their hand correspond to numbers 1 through 5 on the top row of their keyboard. Pressing these numbers has the same effect as left-clicking the corresponding card with their mouse.

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